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NATA Testing Facility

Beaver Engineering  in-house Testing & Research Laboratory is accredited by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) for a wide assortment of tests of lifting and safety equipment testing to a wide variety of Australian, European and Military Standards.

With a Testing facility second to none, Beaver Engineering is of the strong belief that one (1) good test is better than a thousand expert opinions and as a result we test our products. The Testing and Research Laboratory (TRL) operates under a quality system in accordance with AS NZS ISO 9001.

Our range of test equipment includes:
  • 100T Vertical
  • 30T Vertical
  • 100T Compression Machine
  • 20T Vertical Panel
  • 270T Horizontal Computer Operated Testing Machine complete with a 10 metre effective length that incorporates 2 Testing Cylinders, one for 225T and the second for 50T
  • Hardness and Lanyard Drop Test Height Safety Tower
  • Roof Safety Anchor Drop Test Tower
  • Salt Spray Testing Machine for corrosion resistance of coated products.
  • Magnetic Particle Testing Machine
    Portable MPT/Gamma Testing Machine
  • Charpy Impact Testing Machine
  • Radiographic Testing Machine
  • 5T, 10, 25T, 50T Portable Load-Cell
  • Compression Load Cell to 100T
  • Enerpac Testing Machines incorporating Pad Eye Presses for Testing on Australian Navy Vessels
  • Height Safety and Space Anchor Point, Bollard and Base Testing Machine and Jigs
  • Vickers Hardness Testing Machine for Brinnell Hardness of Materials
  • Portable Hardness Testing Machine
  • Microscope and Photographic Equipment for Testing of Products
  • Chain Block Testing Machine

*Note: Not all test equipment above is included in the Beaver Engineering NATA Scope of accreditation

Harness Testing 1
Harness Testing 2
Harness Testing 3
Harness Testing 4
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